About our family and our sauces

Dear Friends,

At Pig Naughty Sauces, barbecue is an integral part of our family heritage and tradition. Generations of Terrys from rural north Alabama to the Gulf Coast have barbecued to commemorate momentus occasions, fellowship with friends and family, and feed the hearts and stomachs of any and all who gather round the table. Making barbecue sauces to compliment what came off the smoker was just the natural progression of things. When I started making sauce thirty years ago, my wife and two kids would crowd around the kitchen in aprons with spoons outstretched to taste the latest batch. Once my family approved, I knew we were onto something special.

That’s why the heart of Pig Naughty Sauces is family. My family, like yours, is a diverse crowd with talents and interests that cover a broad spectrum, but one thing we all agree on is eating good food and spending time with the people we love. Our goal is to provide you with time tested and family approved barbecue sauces that elevate your barbecue to the next level. Whether you do your cooking in the backyard or on a competition BBQ rig, we know that Pig Naughty Sauces is the secret weapon you’ve been looking for.

From the entire Terry Family, smoke on!

Andy Terry